What is Forex

What is Forex (Forex) & CFD?

What is Forex (Forex) & CFD?

"What is Forex?" - The first question asked by newcomers, who had just come to the forex market and want to start earning it. Forex (FX) - translated from the English language means "foreign exchange" (FOReign EXchange). The very same financial market Forex is intended for the purchase and sale of currencies at market rates.

Forex banks constitute the bidders who conduct daily operations of purchase and sale of currencies. Daily trading volumes exceed 3 trillion. U.S. dollars. Trading activity is maintained for five working days.

If desired, one can study in detail the material on this site and find out what is Forex and how it can earn. It is a mistake to say that the Forex - a stock exchange, because Forex is not a specific address, for example, as in London or New York Stock Exchange. Trading on the Forex are the clock, you can always buy or sell currency. Transactions carried out through telephone and through a special software - "POS terminals". In this feature, and is a great advantage for those who plan to earn money on Forex - to work just enough to have a computer with appropriate software and an Internet connection, you can work right at home.

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